Reflection after watching other students’ K-Sketch Films

I’ve found it a really interesting exercise to reflect on the way other students approached the K-Sketch film task. Although aspets fo the task were very specific, such as how many media files needed to be included and the nature of the thumbnails as having to be still images, other than that we were given a lot of freedom, with not even a prompt around which to base our theme. This made it really interesting to watch the films of others as there were so many diferent ways people had approached the tasks and all the films were so unique.

As I discussed in my K-Sketch film essay, I approached the task from a very personal perspective. The meaning behind my individual clips and the film as a whole was very personal, being as it was about my relocation to another city and how I grappled with those changes. My captions on my snus reflected this, though I tried to use them to further communicate the meaning to the viewers, I also took advantage of how Korsakow allows you to create a very abract piece, and kept my captions fairly vague. This resulted in a film I was proud of, with a great deal of meaning behind it, but many layers at which people could read it, although I do acknowledge that some viewers may have understood my meaning better than others, but that is a risk that is taken whenever a creative decision is made.

Watching other student’s K-Sketch films,  I was intrigued to see how others had created meaning through this unconventional Korsakow structure. Mark’s was a stand out for me in the way that he created a very strong narrative which was extremely clever and well thought out. It seemed to have come from a relatively simple idea but they way he then coordinated it gave it a whole other level of complexity which was amazing to watch! I was really impressed with the way that he was able to create something of such solid structure in Korsakow.

I was also intrigued by the way others played around with design. While I altered my interfaces so that the placement of the thumbnails changed, to reflect, in a subtle way, the unpredictability of the changes happening in my life, others went further and more creative with their design changes. From coloured backgrounds to creative borders, it was an interesting way to shape the viewers experience, and it certainly did shape the viewing experience. In the end, I feel for my style in my film, the plain black background worked well, but for others the more dramatic backgrounds were really great.

Doing this exercise of viewing many other students K-Sketch films has given me more ideas about options I could explore in my major project. These are options I will continue to think about and reflect upon over the next few weeks.


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