Thinking About: Stacy’s K-Sketch Film

Here is the link to Stacy’s K-Sketch Film

And the link to her blog post. 

RED: Interested. I was interested immediately in Stacy’s piece because from the first caption it seemed as if she had taken a similar path with her K-Sketch film as I had with mine, in that we both did fairly broad topics that were very personal, with personal and slightly abstract captions. I was interested to see where she took it from this point and how it might be similar or different. 

BLACK: I can’t really say anything negative, it was all good, however sometimes I found that where my mind wanted to go with a certain snu would be very different from where the caption was directing me. However, I think that is just a personal thing and probably is a side effect of using a personal topic for these assignments. I still thought it was great that she took a personal topic as her focus because it gave a great human insight. 

YELLOW: I really liked her clips and the way they were filmed, especially the time one. The stop motion gave it a very special point of interest. I also loved the fact that by the end of the film I felt like I really had an insight into Stacy’s life, it painted a very strong and detailed picture. 

GREEN: I wonder what this would be like with even more files, to really build up a collage of insights into Stacy as a person. It might be interesting!


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